Injury Lawsuit Factors

If you are currently involved in either an insurance settlement or a personal injury lawsuit in Texas, you should have a firm knowledge of the personal injury laws in that state. At some point in your case, most of the following laws will surface, so it is a good idea to understand what they are and how they may affect you.

There are always limits to how long you have to file a lawsuit after an injury has occurred. This is called the statute of limitations and in Texas you are given two years to take your case to court. Sometimes the statute of limitations can vary depending on the type of legal matter you have, so ask your Dallas personal injury lawyer to review your claim to determine case validity.

In many cases, the person you are filing a lawsuit against will come forward and say that you should share the responsibility and fault for the injuries you suffered. If this claim is proven true, you will only receive compensation according to the percentage you are found at fault. This will be determined by litigation or by a judge after confirming all the facts that led to the injury.

If your case involves a bite or other type of injury caused by an animal owned by an individual, the owners of that animal are liable for any harm caused to anyone by that animal. In this case, the person or persons injured will be expected to prove that the owner of the animal should have been aware that their animal was dangerous or could potentially harm someone.

Know The Laws

Since injuries do happen to just about everyone during their lifetime, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the injury laws of Texas. This will not only help you to take measures to prevent accidents, but it will also help you to know your rights and get compensated if you become injured due to someone else’s negligence.