Finding Local or Home-Based Work

Many people dream of working from home or being able to walk to work. However, despite the number of advertisements for work-at-home positions, it can be difficult to find a legitimate and stable source of income from a home-based or local job. Fortunately, there are several ways to prepare for and find telecommuting positions or jobs within your local area. Here are just a few examples of some interesting job possibilities.

  • Freelance Writing

    The internet has opened up countless opportunities for wordsmiths. You may want to create a blog, generate marketing emails, or work as a writer or editor for an online content company. Being a freelance writer allows you to set your own hours and work from your home or the local coffee shop. The start-up costs are usually minimal; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

  • Repair Work

    Do you know how to fix and/or build things? You can make a name for yourself as your town's local expert in any number of areas: appliances, cars, homes, computers, and furniture. Many people prefer to hire out repairs rather than spend valuable time outside working to complete these tasks themselves. Once you have the equipment you need, you can start building your client base and reputation.

  • Preschool Teaching

    Preschool is now considered an educational requirement by many parents, and most communities have several available options to meet this growing need. Most towns have a variety of parochial schools as well as numerous secular options featuring different teaching methods. If you enjoy working with children in a creative and fulfilling environment, consider getting Montessori training to qualify for work at a local Montessori preschool.

Tutoring in Your Community

If you prefer to work with older students or adults, consider becoming a tutor. You can tutor students through online platforms in numerous academic subjects, such as math and language arts. If you prefer an in-person position, see if your local community has any openings for ESL instructors. You could also consider utilizing your education or professional experience to become a career or life coach.